MAM Building Services Ltd is coming up to 15 years of successful business in London. 

We provide a comprehensive and thorough estimate breakdown that we make sure to go over in detail with the client. We pride ourselves on being transparent with all the costings and always make sure to highlight aspects of the work that might incur additional costs that many of our competitors fail to do. Examples include waste-pipe connections to offsite Thames sewerage which can only be done by Thames Water and need months in advance scheduling; plumbing discovery after necessary floor/wall removal and so on.

MAM Building Services Ltd also only uses top quality materials that come with genuine guarantees. We provide invoices to this effect so the client can depend on the long-term reliability of work involved. Whilst other contractors might offer a lower estimate we believe it is a false economy as no genuine value will be added to the property and in many cases will lower the re-sale price as new buyers will realise extensive refurbishment is necessary.

Throughout the project a detailed photo-log is made and emailed to the client numerous times a week. These will include pictures of the pre-existing condition after discovery as well as frequent progress reports.

We have maintained close relationships with nearly all our clients over the years and are happy to say that we now work with their children on their first-time property purchases. Not only would you be working with a superb contractor if you choose MAM Building Services Ltd but you will put new faith into the words trust, honesty and reliability – we look forward to working with you.

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